What a busy weekend and busy week ahead!

Just a quick update: I ran 5 miles on Saturday with an average pace of 8:17! Watch out world, I’m coming back!

I’d update more, but I have sooooo tired. You would think my last week of work would be easy, but I’m still tying loose ends.

Sigh, Mondays right?


…A tired lamb at that.  On Tuesday I was ready for the day. I was excited to run. Excited to be alive. Excited to be healthy. Today…not so much. My bed just felt really good today. I felt one with my bed and I didn’t want to move. In fact, I actually slept in an hour and it still took me about 30 minutes to get my butt in gear. 

I finally got dressed, warmed up, and headed out for my run all while thinking, “At least it’s interval day.” To help me get out of my funk, I listened to my Good Morning playlist. It’s filled with happy-go-lucky songs that help me get motivated. And it worked!

For running 3:1 intervals, I ran 3.5 miles in 31 minutes! That’s an average pace of 8:45! Last week, I ran only 3.1 miles doing the same intervals. Look out world, ya girl is getting her speed back!!  And the weather was just perfect today. Hey spring, could you just stay here forever? Thanks.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d still rather be at home cleaning than going to work. But, hey, I’ll take it all a step at a time.

Have a great day, guys!


Got up this morning and just wanted to lay in bed. Driving for six hours the day before really wore me out. Not to mention, this means I have to go from vacation mode to real life mode. The struggle is real. Anyway, I so wanted to run…but without moving from my bed. Ya feel me? But I got up and kicked BUTT. 

I tried to run faster towards the end of my 30-minute workout, and I did!! Speed is slowly but surely coming back! It was a little muddy because it had rain all last night AND the wind was super chilly, but I ended up feeling hot about halfway through.

Overall, I’m happy!


Hellooooo negative splits!

HUSBAND BRAG ALERT!! (hey…you’ve been warned) My husband has been in Air Force tech school in Mississippi since September. Yesterday, he had his final two tests and physical fitness test. HE PASSED ALL OF THEM WITH GREAT SCORES!!!!! What what!? Now he has to wait a week to be certified and then he can finally come home to meeeeee!!!!!

Ok, still high on endorphins, so on that note, have a great day! <3


A great weekend with my husband! Only three more weeks until we are living together permanently! No more long distance!!!!


On Wednesday, I went on a 4.2 mile run. In glasses. In the rain. Half of the run was me wiping off my glasses and straining to see. But I did it! I completed my weekly running goal!! YAAAY!!

I was glad I was able to run & workout with this crazy week. Work was….well, work and yesterday, I drove 6 hours to Biloxi, Mississippi to see my husband. Long drive, but SO worth it!

Now to spend the day kayaking!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


Yeah yeah yeah. Daylight savings time sucks, but at least I get to see the sunrise after my run!


I ate too much Nutella and now I feel sick. (Too much a good thing. For real.) Now I’m distracting myself from registering online with Pretty Little Liars. Sorry not sorry, y’all.


I was super sore at the beginning of last week. I mean, I was on the foam roller every night. But I still ran, even though I was very sore. I wanted to go ahead and do it, because I knew that if I got off track…I’d stay off track for about two weeks.
Anyway, I took it really slow. On Tuesday and Thursday, I walked-ran two miles. Like I said, it was very painful and I often regretted my decision to run.  But I’m glad I did, because I am in no pain whatsoever! I even ran a 5K without stopping on Saturday! My time wasn’t bad! Did I mention that the weather was a m a z i n g ? Seriously, why can’t it always be 70-degrees?

This week I might have to change my running schedule a bit because I’m seeing Brandon! It was a last minute decision, but this is the one weekend where he isn’t swamped with tests. He’s currently stationed in Mississippi, and I haven’t been to his base yet! He is right on the Gulf. Helllooooooooo beach! With that being said, I may be running Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Brandon has all these plans, so I’m not sure if I can squeeze a run into the schedule. So I’m just going to take that stress off my list.

I am so glad that I’m done with college, because now I feel like I can create my own personal schedule without trying to balance school and work. I mean, I have consistently been working out six days out of the week since January. This never happened while I was in school. I was always doing homework, going to bed late, and being overwhelmed. Glad that’s over!

Run happy, y’all!


I feel like this weekend flew by! It was filled with running and spending time with my family, which is great since I’ll be moving out of Georgia in April. I’m so happy that I signed up for the Snickers Half Marathon (which is in my hometown!) with my older brother JT. Although I was (and am) very exhausted, it was a great race!

The tiredness started on Friday when I decided to not drink coffee so that I could go to bed early. I never realized how dependent I was on coffee, that’s something I need to change. However, it worked because I was tucked in bed by 10:30 PM with my alarm set for 5:15 AM.

I woke up and was actually filled with a lot of excitement. I couldn’t believe how hyper I was at so early in the morning. My brother was the same way, even though he was suffering from little sleep due to his demanding job. My mom, sister, brother, and I finished getting ready and arrived at the race about 20 minutes before it started. This gave us time to find our pace group and see some old friends running the race.

JT runs between a 9:30-10 min/mile and I had been running between 9-9:30, so we agreed to stay in the 10:07 pace group. The race includes a marathon and is actually a Boston qualifier, which meant there were a LOT of people from all over. With all of the people and both races starting at the same time, JT and I were pretty far back in the crowd. In fact, we couldn’t even hear the announcements being made. We were both surprised by the starting gun shot! But it definitely got us moving! 

The gunshot really must have surprised me because I started the race having to the bathroom really bad. I tried to ignore it and focus.  JT & I did a pretty good job maintaining that 10:07 pace for the first mile, but we ran faster without meaning to! I think that happened because I really had to use the bathroom. I decided to stop at around mile four. Porta-potties are grody!!!! 

Even after I used the bathroom, we still ran faster than our original pace. At one point, JT realized we were running an 8:30 min/mile! We were pretty stoked. But we toned it back down at around mile 9. And after mile 10, we began walking through the water stations.  I think it was mainly because I accidentally spilled all of my water on a volunteer while I tried to grab my water…. Oops…..

I was completely over the race at mile 11. I just wanted it to be over. Luckily, JT had hit his runner’s high which motivated me. I was so glad we were in this together, until we got to the finish line and homeboy shoved me! He didn’t mean to. A girl we had passed a while back came from out of nowhere and JT’s competitiveness kicked in. He began sprinting and I was just caught in the fire. He crossed at 2:02:49, I crossed at 2:02:52. We probably could have completed at around 1:58 if I hadn’t used the bathroom. But oh well. We had fun!! It was a lot of fun teasing one another during the race (daring each other to scream at random people, playfully pushing each other, etc) and just being silly with one another.

The route is super flat and it’s a definitely runner’s race, so I recommend this for all the serious runners. The only issues I had was that the route was too residential, a bit confusing, and narrow. I was so over running through neighborhoods because people would just stare at us. No cheering. Just staring. Liiiiiiiiiike stahp. It was also unclear which side of the cones we should run on (at one minute it was too the left and at another it was too the right). The narrow route made it sort of hard for JT and I to run side by side. The narrowest part was towards the finish line, and that’s why the swinging of his arms caused me to stumble.
The medals are shaped like turtles (popular in the area). S’cute!

This was the first time in a year that I was able to run this much without stopping. I felt a little crappy after the run and never wanted to run again, but now I know that me being ~*dRaMaTic*~ and I’m ready to sign up for another one! I love racing so much And it was so much fun running my bro!

Now to roll the mess out of my muscles!